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About Us

PCGFED was founded by a U.S. Navy veteran, Yancey Sanford, who craved simple Federal IT solutions to solve complex situations. He partnered with Ron Hicks, who has over fifteen years of experience in Federal IT security strategy. Together they have developed solutions and services to bring their vision to reality. PCGFED’s commitment is to deliver simplified, collaborative IT solutions for better Federal Government secure systems.

On the surface, we offer what many other Federal IT companies provide: Operations & Maintenance (O&M) for infrastructure and applications, public and multi-cloud hosting, IT security, and cloud migration solutions. Below the surface is where PCGFED surpasses other Federal IT companies by empowering our clients to attain financial control through Continuous Innovation Models (CIMs) that simplify and automate O&M for complex IT environments.

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PCGFED's Vision & Core Values

Vision: To help our customers improve operational efficiencies through implementation of automation, analytics and AI, cybersecurity, and innovative practices resulting in reduced costs, reduced operational risks, reduced security threats and ongoing performance improvement across all project areas.

Core Values
A commitment to hire, train, and retain an informed workforce that has been fully vetted and is fully qualified to perform all assigned duties and meet all performance standards established internally and by our customers.

A commitment to delivering the highest quality services to our customers through implementation and maintenance of our integrated Service Management Framework, which incorporates best practices from the IT industry leaders and state-of-the-art toolsets.

A commitment to gain the full trust and confidence from our customers through the delivery of fully transparent services and visibility into project operations through routine, direct communications, comprehensive manual and automated reporting, and dashboards that present project and technical management information.

A commitment to deliver native-based solutions to our customers that will simplify operations and maintenance processes and procedures, provide more control over licensing and software,  improve system performance, and reduce overall costs over time.

A commitment to provide the highest levels of information and cyber security to our customers through the assignment of certified, cleared security professionals, and the design and delivery of processes, procedures, and toolsets that comply with Federal guidelines and regulations.

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