Center of Excellence

// Empowering Our Client

PCGFED understands how dated infrastructures and new technologies get in the way of progress, especially for the Federal Government. By structuring and continuing to comply with the latest Federal standards, our innovations are implemented as fully integrated native tools using our clients’ IT ecosystem.

All our Innovations are developed and implemented with this philosophy. Therefore, we have established the Center of Excellence to ensure we continue to evolve with our customers first in mind. Located at our Headquarters in Frederick, Maryland, we have built a Innovations Lab to continue to discover next-gen solutions for the Federal Government. There we train our AI around the clock to continue to refine or create new Continuous Innovation Models (CIMs) to expedite our clients’ return to a reliable O&M posture. As the focal point for collaboration, engineering, research, and development, our data scientists and software engineers use the Center of Excellence to build best practices and lessons learned to apply across all our solutions.

// Where Innovations are Born

Innovations Lab

Moving Towards Modernization

The Innovations Lab is built to be the core of our Center of Excellence to ensure we continue to evolve our artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). We conduct targeted R&D with one focus on the three consistent elements of every IT ecosystem that must improve to reach O&M optimal performance: Automation, Reliability, and Business Processes.

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