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With cloud AI your agency can benefit from the scalability of cloud computing. PCGFED leverages its vast and ever-growing libraries of advanced algorithms to create custom AI models to meet and exceed your agency’s internal goals. Our advanced algorithm libraries are highly versatile and developed to integrate seamlessly into any ecosystem.

PCGFED works with (not just for) our clients. What we do is what you see.

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Knowing the future is a key factor in navigating your agency’s innovation over time. By leveraging time series data for forecasting, your agency can scale meaningfully. Leveraging historical and current data with Artificial Intelligence can provide invaluable guidance and direction to your agency, using hierarchical and large-scale time series analysis.

Time Series Analysis

Automated time series analysis allows real time analytics and forecasting models to help guide your agency towards its goals with meaningful data and meaningful solutions.

Large-Scale Time Series Analysis

When it comes to the reliability, performance, and efficiency of your infrastructure, leveraging AI forecasting is a game-changer. Time series analysis datasets forecasting models can proactively mitigate system issues and provide valuable guidance to scalability and reliability.

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Computer Vision

Leveraging AI to analyze and describe images and video can help your agency gain deeper and more intelligent analytics.

Functional Recognition

Leveraging our functional recognition models can help quickly identify and categorize video and still images. These models quickly gain meaningful insights from data sources that are, in most cases, overlooked.

Media Meta Tagging

Our deep learning models can automatically identify and label images to caption items within videos and photos. These models can auto-detect damages or identify issues commonly overlooked with the human eye. Our advanced flex models integrate into multiple environments, offering meaningful solutions.

“Emot Recognition” can track and identify the emotional states of humans and animals, allowing for real-time biofeedback.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP enables insight, collaboration, and interaction with AI. PCGFED’s AI models couple NLP with automation to collect insightful business intelligence to detect and analyze trends from various structured and unstructured datasets.

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Natural User Interface

With the advent of bot automation, users can naturally interact with AI to complete tasks that often require field-specific expertise, eliminating the need to contact a help desk by directly solving critical issues that affect a user’s productivity. PCGFED’s AI bot models recognize and provide real-time mitigation of IT issues before the end-user notices there’s an issue.