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PCGFED’s Automation is a platform written exclusively for government to simplify departments’ workflows and processes. It streamlines existing communications between systems to replace manual, error-prone tasks with highly scalable, customizable, real-time information exchanges that allow government agencies to act faster. PCGFED’s Automation designer allows government workers to configure complex workflows visually, making it easy to understand and execute business processes to significantly improve quality and efficiency.

// Automation Solutions

Business Process Automation

BPA has the potential to significantly cut costs, improve efficiency, and reduce administrative workload.

BPA professionals should build the next generation of internal systems and business process frameworks for the digital workplace. Decisions based on a diverse set of data points should drive technology adoption and investment. While BPA has its roots in enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiatives, BPA is no longer an add-on to ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) but a stand-alone practice.

PCGFED’s BPA practitioners can help your organization be more agile when addressing the very rapid pace of change in the business world.

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Systems Integration Automation

Build – Program – Automate – Zero-Waste, Tier 4 Automated System Operations (ASO)

Your business relies on the ability to keep operations running around the clock. In a successful ASO implementation, a computer’s hardware and software will monitor critical operations, take the correct actions at the appropriate times, report alarms or unexpected events, and store results for future analysis. PCGFED provides goal-oriented integration of ASO tools and technologies from analytical data and ASO professionals who have experience in deploying these tools and technologies to assess your agency’s needs to build an ASO integrated solution from start to finish.

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// Automation Solutions

Predictive Support Automation

Enterprise-wide Predictive Support

Predictive support automation provides synchronous real-time intervention based on continuous monitoring and asynchronous trend analysis to prevent service-impacting events or incidents, improving performance and availability. PCGFED can identify and resolve outages in your environment before they seriously affect your business with predictive support automation.

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