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What we do

Our IT Security Practice’s core mission is to provide premier Federal security technical, management, & operational support services in the most cost-effective manner to our clients. We specialize in next-gen technology for data security, CMMC, SOC 2, & FISMA Compliance Services. Our Cyber & IT Security Practice provides a wide range of Federal Government security services.

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Threat and Vulnerability Management

Predictive Situational Awareness with Complete Visibility & Behavioral Analytics to Protect IT Ecosystems

Our threat and vulnerability management program allows our customers to continuously identify, assess, classify, remediate, and mitigate security weaknesses. We provide full understanding of root cause analytics to address potential flaws in organizational policy and processes.

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// Cyber & IT Security

Third Party Risk Assessment / Compliance

Experienced Risk Management Team Dedicated to Transforming & Strengthening Risk Programs Aimed at Defending Against Today’s Increasingly Complex & Volatile Marketplace

We take pride in assisting our clients in remediating regulatory gaps while limiting risk exposure through comprehensive risk and compliance strategies.

Our Third-Party Risk Management program performs a comprehensive evaluation, identification and road map to authorization while developing strategies to mature your cyber compliance program.

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Cloud Security

Full-Service Cloud-Based Security Services for Public, Multi, and Hybrid Cloud O&M

Our cloud security models will significantly help agencies with the need to provide highly reliable and innovative services quickly and without constraints. 

By leveraging shared infrastructure and economies of scale, our cloud computing options present a compelling business model for federal leadership.

PCGFED can help facilitate cloud-based security, business, and infrastructure support through our Private, Hybrid, and Public cloud models.

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Security Audit and Consulting

Collaboratively Transforming Traditional Internal Audit Functions into Strategic Business Contributions to Expedite Returning to Sustainable Security Control

We provide comprehensive gap assessments, ongoing authorization strategies, security governance consultation, and security education training to expedite our clients’ return to sustainable security control.

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// IT Security

FISMA Compliance

Penetration Testing, Vulnerability and Compliance Assessments, O&M Security, DevSecOps, and Continuous Monitoring to Assure Enterprise Systems and Data Are Secure

PCG will deliver a security assessment report that summarizes findings and recommendations for improvement, POA&M mitigation strategies, and an ongoing authorization recommendation that will enhance your FISMA compliance posture. We deliver a range of services, including vulnerability assessments, application security, vulnerability scans and penetration testing to improve an organization’s security.

Our team specializes in the following cybersecurity testing:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability and Compliance Assessments
  • Application Security Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring
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// Our Team

Our leadership team has over fifteen years of professional experience in Federal IT security awareness, strategy, design, testing, monitoring, risk management, and cyber compliance. In addition, we have worked extensively with FedRAMP readiness, implementation, audit, compliance, and most recently Cyber Security Maturity Model (CMMC) preparation with a focus on FISMA reporting. Our Agency experience includes the SEC, TSA, USCIS, FBI, NIAD, FDIC, Treasury, and several local and county agencies, including private clients. Our team holds certifications as Assessors (CAP), Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineers (CDPSE), CMMC Registered Practitioners (RP), and Data Forensics Analysts (ACE and EnCase). 

All Security project teams are fully supported with PCGFED’s scalable corporate resources to ensure our clients’ standards of excellence from project start to finish are delivered. Our integrated Service Management Framework (SMF) incorporates best practices and industry standards to deliver responsive, reliable, and high-quality services. SMF is a comprehensive approach to managing services based upon the ITIL service framework, PMBOK project management principles, and key elements from ISO 9000:2015 Quality Management standards.